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Song & Talk at the Kaiserhof

Hi there!

Well, as usual, it's been a while since I wrote my last blog. Anyway, some fabulous things have been happening! As some of you know, I played a show for "Song & Talk im Kaiserhof" in Saarbrücken on March 10. What can I say? I surely have had the most wonderful gig ever! The concert took place in a small room of the Hotel Kaiserhof, so I was quite close to the audience. This really created an intimate atmosphere, which is something I love - being close to the audience and thus creating a bond with them while singing. And the audience was so silent and attentive, actually listening. You could feel that the music was their reason for being there. As was mine.

As you may remember from my last blog "Song & Talk im Kaiserhof" was created with the prospect of introducing new artists. Each second monday of every month two artists are given the opportunity to present themselves; each plays five songs and usually an encore. After three songs there's a small interview with one of the organisers, then two more songs follow, plus the encore. On this night the artists were Mike McSooner and me.

Well, five songs is not a lot if you have a long list of songs to choose from. Since Saarbrücken is close to France and thus quite francophile (like me!), I thought I might include a few more songs I wrote in French in my setlist. However, at every gig I need to start with a song I feel absolutly sure about; it has to be a song I know by heart, a song that feels like a second skin, in short, a song that I could sing even if someone woke me up in the middle of the night! There are several, but one of them is Sunflower Fields. So, even it was not a song in French, I picked this one to start the show, followed by Petite Valse d'Amour (Little Love Waltz) and Drei Sekunden (Three Seconds) since I also wanted to include a song written in German. Then Wolfgang Winkler interviewed me about my songwriting life - apparently I was the first to perform in three languages! After the interview I played two more songs in French, Ombres (Shadows) and Les Etoiles (The Stars). As an encore I chose Scared of Losing You, a song I wrote back in 1993 - and probably a song I could not only play if you woke me in the middle of the night, but also if I was totally drunk or drugged or both! Well, I'm kidding - I have never smoked a joint in my whole life - but still it's a song I know extremely well! The last song was quite emotional, too, since my friend Steffi from Saarbrücken came to see the show. We go back a long way and yet we hadn't seen each other in 17 years! She knows the song nearly from the beginning and we both remembered playing songs we had written to each other in Bonn back in 1997 and 1998, including Scared of Losing You. In fact she had requested the song and it was fun playing it again, thus reviving old memories!

The following day I met Gerd Heger again to do a little interview at Radio Saarland (Saarländischer Rundfunk). Gerd is host of the program Rendez-Vous Chanson and also one of the organisers of Song & Talk. In fact, we have been facebook friends for quite a while and when he asked me to send him my CD, I had vaguely hoped that one day he might play one of my songs during his show. Not in my wildest dreams however did I anticipate that he would actually play TWO songs AND do an interview with me! WOW! If you would like to listen to the interview, you can. It's entirely in German, but also contains two songs in French from Fabulous Sceneries:

Here are some photos - just click on the thumbnails to enlarge. More photos can be viewed on the pic site.

Grafik Grafik Grafik

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Please find below the official video by Uwe Stern. It's a bit of a medley of the concert containing "Petite Valse d'amour", "Drei Sekunden", "Ombres", "Les Etoiles" and "Scared of Losing You".

Thank you so much to everyone involved. Special thanks to Gerd Heger for the invitation to Song & Talk and interview at the SR, Wolfgang Winkler for the interview during the show, Uwe Stern for shooting a wonderful video, Zippo Zimmermann for shooting brilliant photos and last but not least Uwe Sandmeyer at sound. You guys rock! Also thanks to Ellen for coming all the way from Heidelberg and to Steffi to share this special night with me.

There will be an - inofficial - video of the full concert soon. So, stay tuned!