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Upcoming Gigs

28 January 2017, 7:30pm
Mehrgenerationenhaus Schweizer Hof
Heinrich Fuchs Straße 85
69126 Heidelberg

Sofa Concerts / Living-Room Concerts

Would you like to see me perform in a personal atmosphere with candlelight, wine or beer and little snacks? This is possible at house concerts. I will sing and play live in your living room or any other room of your house or flat that is large enough to hold a certain number of listeners. You invite a couple of friends to your home to share a small but fine concert with them. According to the size of your living room, I will play either unplugged or with a microphone and small amp.

There is something really special when artists and their audience come together in such an intimate setting. As an artist you are close to the audience while the songs get a whole new meaning if you can deliver and share them directly with the listeners. As a listener you can discover, feel and experience the songs from an authentic, uncompromised perspective. Furthermore, background stories will offer insight to the songs and listening will reach a new dimension.

If interested, please send me an e-mail

Thank You!