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About the Sunflower Fields Remix EP

Sunflower Fields EP

While recording the songs for Fabulous Sceneries, my husband and I went to see an old friend of his, Biochill. We both share a passion for music (and Star Trek) and as I was talking about the album, he came up with the idea to make some remixes of some of my songs in electronica/ambient style. Thinking of the remix by DNA of "Tom's Diner" by Suzanne Vega, I was immediately excited and agreed. He listened to the songs and chose Sunflower Fields and Fly Home. 4 years later the EP came to life. I think the outcome is amazing! Sure it is miles apart from my acoustic style but I never thought just how different my songs could sound - as Spock might say :"Fascinating"! I think it was worth the adventure! So, board your space ship and begin countdown...


1. Sunflower Fields [Radio]
2. Sunflower Fields [Extended]
3. Sunflower Fields [Interstellar Roadtrip]
4. Fly Home [Radio]
5. Fly Home [Generation Ship Mix]

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