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About Fabulous Sceneries

Fabulous Sceneries

In 2009 I recorded my first album called Fabulous Sceneries which was released in 2010. What an adventure! The album is my personal treasure-box containing 12 songs I wrote over the years and which I would like to share with you. The songs are also my personal journey through time and different places. In fact the journey leads towards Fabulous Sceneries, hence the album title. If you would like to accompany me you will find sunflower fields, stardust, dreams, love waltzes, rain words, deserted beaches in autumn as well as gentle moments of love.


1. Sunflower Fields
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2. Avec Toi
3. Fly Home
4. Les Etoiles
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5. The Girl Holding The Wineglass
6. La Voix Qui M'Accompagne
7. My Destination
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8. Nothing Else That Counts
9. Petite Valse d'Amour
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10. Words Like Rain
11. November Sea
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12. Ces Moments Doux

A Special Thank You

The work in the studio was exhausting but at the same time also interesting and enriching. It was fun choosing the songs from my repertoire (let's hope I picked the right ones!), to polish up the arrangements, to find musicians who accompanied me in the studio, and last but not least to decide on the final order of the songs. I would especially like to thank Amin Jan Sayed who guided me through the recording process with his valuable advice. Finally, thanks to his fine ears, he also added the finishing touch to the album sound. Also I would like to thank the musicians who invested their time and effort to play on the album. The booklet was yet another challenge. But here I was lucky to meet a friend who supported me with great enthusiasm. Thank you so much!
Thanks also to Céline who took the photos for the booklet-cover and to Albert who sent me the wonderful picture of the sunflower field!
However, there are also many people who have always supported me, especially Céline and Gwendo who, whenever they have the time, look carefully through my French lyrics and give me precious adivce on them. But I would also like to thank my husband, my family and my friends who always encouraged me to never give up! Without you, this album would not exist! THANK YOU and big hug!

Recorded and mastered at syemusic studio between April and August 2009
Produced by Amin Jan Sayed

Copyright: © Annika Jayne
Music and Lyrics: Annika Jayne
All rights reserved

Acoustic Guitar and Vocals: Annika Jayne
Bass: Amin Jan Sayed
Slide Guitar: Jörg Teichert
Accordion and Glockenspiel on The Girl Holding The Wineglass: Conni Junge
Glockenspiel on Les Etoiles and Words Like Rain: Conni Junge
Glockenspiel on Avec Toi and Petite Valse d'Amour: Annika Jayne
Cello: Boris Stansky

Fly Home: Ela Günther and Annika Jayne,
The Girl Holding The Wineglass and November Sea: Ela Günther,
Petite Valse d'Amour: Annika Jayne and Tanja Lung,
all others: Annika Jayne
Accordion: Conni Junge
Bass: Amin Jan Sayed
Avec Toi: Amin Jan Sayed,
Les Etoiles, The Girl Holding The Wineglass and Words Like Rain: Conni Junge,
Petite Valse d'Amour: Annika Jayne

The processing guidelines of German copyright apply in their respective version. All originators' rights of the copyrighted works reserved. The exploitation of the works, other than streaming on this website, is prohibited without express approval by the GEMA.

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